Repair Policy

Advantage Auto Glass's consistent high repair ratios mean savings with every windshield we repair instead of replace. Think about it...repairs can save one hundred, two hundred or more dollars on each car whose windsheild does not have to be replaced.

Our policy is to Repair First whenever practical. This means that both our trained CSRs and installers will asses the repair potetial of every repair job. If the windsheild is a candidate for repair, we will do our best to save it.

Generally, cracks that are outside the drivers critical viewing area, and the size of a quarter can be repaired. Our repair techniques render the windsheild crack or rock chip virtually invisible, and are completely safe. Quick repairs help prevent cracks from spreading and ruining a windshield that can otherwise be rescued.

For more information on Advantage Auto Glass's windshield repairs, contact us.

Advantage Auto Glass follows by all guidelines set forth by the National Glass Association

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