Insurance Agents

  • Regional call center a single 800 number covers all of Texas.
  • Customers enjoy one-call claims service. CSR's computerized shop locator quickly pinpoints closest service location.
  • National lifetime warranty good in all areas.
  • Truckload purchasing of glass-90-day supply of glass in our warehouses.
  • EDI and paperless billing solutions, customized to your needs.
  • We support national insurance programs. Advantage Auto Glass has all the tools: regional call centers, EDI and paperless billing, and automated auditing of glass invoices.
  • Automated auditing of glass invoices to save time and money.
  • High repair ratios supported by our aggressive Repair First! Policy. We are determined to repair windshields instead of replacing them, without compromising safety or common sense.
  • Use of original equipment manufacturer parts. See our OEM Preferred Policy.
  • Safety-learn important facts about safety and auto glass.
  • Cost control through truckload buying, high repair ratios, EDI, and auditing solutions.
  • We have high customer satisfaction ratings, supporting policyholder retention and enhanced profits for insurers.
  • Authorized warranty service for major auto manufacturers.
Advantage Auto Glass follows by all guidelines set forth by the National Glass Association

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